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Zlickr is a tool that can help you manage your Flickr photos easily. We all know that Flickr is the best online photo sharing service. It has huge amount of users and tons of useful tools. Zlickr is one of them that help you mark your photos while viewing LARGE photos. It's still under development and all suggestions are welcome. It's a FREE and GREEN (No installation needed). It have following features now:
  • Prefetch Large Photos
  • One click rotation
  • One click add tags
  • One click change permissions
  • Let us know what you need ...

  • Zlickr is a great tool when you need to mark your Flickr photos one by one. You can download it now.

    Kids Love Math! Want your kids love to solve math questions like crazy? Come on! That's impossible! Why? They love play games, watch movies, everything but do the stupid math! OK, let's combine these together. Solve X math questions and you get Y minutes of play time. That's where "Kids Love Math" come in help. Just run the app, set it up, it will pop up a math quiz as you set, it WILL NOT go away until it get its correct answer! Now you get the idea why kids "love" math! :-). Download the APK here.

    Brian Tester is a FREE android game that you can download here or on Android Martket with an Android device. It can test your short term memory which indicate how good your brian is.

    Twenty Four is a wonderful android game. You can download the free version here or on Android Martket with an Android device. Play it well you can impress your friends! Get it for your children and they will be like a GENIUS!

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