Price Watch

Welcome to Walmart Price Watch! Great news: A simplified version is available on Microsoft Store now. Firefox Plugin and Chrome Plugin are also available!

We used to be called “Price Watch For Amazon” when Amazon still have Post Order Price Guarantee policy. We helped tons of buyers saving lots of money. One of our client is a popular site in the USA with reviews of Amazon products newrealreview.com. It’s probably because we saved too much for our users, Amazon stop that policy and they stop providing API for us to get price. So we can no longer provide that service for Amazon sites now. However, if you have your own Amazon AWS key you can download our app and watch the price for Amazon by yourself. For now, we are more focused on Walmart.com.

It’s still super easy to use our free service. In “Quick Watch” page, you can provide us an email address and an item page Url. We will notify you when price drops. By default we watch the price only for 1 month and your email address will be gone from our system, unless you told us to watch it for longer time. Or you can download our free and green windows app to handle lots of watch items easily plus some advanced features.

You are always welcome to send us an email for any suggestions. If you like our service, the best way to support us is to use following banner when you shop on Walmart.com. We really appreciate your support!

Thank you!